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    While the Protea range focuses on prolonging the life cycle of the product it does so in a variety of innovative ways. Drawing comparisons between the art of winemaking and wine as art by applying Cape inspired prints to each bottle and encouraging the creative reuse of the bottle. It also speaks to sustainability through the use of the Amorim Helix cork, a twist-to-open, ergonomically designed stopper made from cork agglomerate, which both preserves the wine ritual of cork and the convenience of resealing a bottle of wine. Lastly, and most importantly the wine is an ode to our Cape Terroir and the many variations of it.


    Green Design

    Mark Eisen’s Cape-inspired prints add an enduring element to the Protea range. After the wine has been enjoyed and the table cleared, these bottles challenge us with a number of creative possibilities. Why dispose of a functional piece of art?

    Protea Wines Upcycle Green Design

    The Design Concept

    The range, designed for earlier enjoyment, comprises a collection of eight wines, each with its own unique pattern inspired by the Cape’s unique flora. The thought process which inspired the range and its label design had in mind to find a new harmony between consumption and balance in the environment. The range of wines, innovatively tied into distinctive packaging designs, has been made to be reused and recycled, thus prolonging the life cycle of the product, which then ultimately aids in caring for the environment.

    Protea Wines Mark Eisen

    Brand Architect

    Mark Eisen

    “Protea – It’s great terroir, great wines – I am just adding art to a bottle of already great art – celebrating the wine. I enjoy the mix of glass, art, wine and light. It is a collection of prints that are all inspired by the Cape.”

    The Helix Cork

    The Helix closure combines tradition with convenience since this unique, ergonomically designed twist cork is the perfect balance between the traditional cork closure and a convenient way of resealing a bottle of wine.

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