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In a time when great emphasis is placed on the environment, rather than recycling your Protea bottle, why not reuse it? A plethora of possibilities present itself when faced with these authentic prints - only a bit of personal innovation is required: Take your bottles to a professional glass cutter and have them transformed into cups, vases and plant pots. Take your bottles to get melted as placemats or even seats (as pictured). Build a Protea bottle rack. Add a serving top to a bottle transforming it into an ornamental sauce container. Lastly, we would like to highlight the obvious: Protea bottles make great gifts. We’ve gone one step further and rendered the Eisen Cape-prints as wrapping paper or placemats, allowing you to download and print your favourite at home. Gifting made easy - have a go and print an A3 sheet now.


Inspiration : The richness, depth, purity, sophistication, beauty and colourful vibrance found in Poppies was the inspiration for the Cab Sauv. Poppies are found in abundance, scattered in and around vineyard gardens of the most beautiful Western Cape Winelands.


French Garden

Inspired by the beautiful, soft, floral entrances typically found on the Cape Wine Estates. ( L'Ormarins entrance is a great example).



The Inspiration for the print comes from the Cape Daisy (osteospermun) . The Cape Daisy is very much a part of the beautiful and unique Cape flora and landscapes . Found and planted throughout the gardens and natural vegetation that surround the vineyards of the Cape Winelands, the Cape Daisy is a genus of the flowering plants belonging to the Calenduleae family . The Daisy is hardy, yet with tender petals - it’s filled with brightness, joy and pure colors. Known locally as a ‘happy’ flower; it blooms with the Cape spring rains along with the vines at bud burst and flowers with the growing grapes all summer.


Floral Ironwork

Inspired by the floral iron and metal works created by the early Dutch and French settlers that adorn the Cape Vineyard homesteads.


Vine Leaf

Inspiration : The inspiration was to honour the vine and its well found natural terroir in the Cape Winelands; the intensive viticultural importance and aspect of the winemaking annual life cycle. Rich in history, the Syrah leaf, like the wine, has a full-bodied leaf with a soft earthy leather feel.


Regal Wallpaper

Inspired by Classic French wallpapers and patterns found in homes in the traditional wineland homes, introduced by the early French Huguenot settlers in the late 1600s.


Wild Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums play a big part of the Cape Vineyard Flora - they are vibrant, happy and luscious. - a useful pioneer, screening plant and popular with birds and bees. These flowers and their abundance bring so much life and activity and natural beauty to the Cape Winelands.



The Wildflower yearly offers a grand display in the Northern Cape and is one of the most prominent members of the Fynbos family. It is therefore fitting that it adorns one of the most prominent wines, the Sauvignon blanc.



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